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Friendship #2

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Prima parte aici .


Cum lucram la proiecte

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Nonsens during English Class

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It is said that the first definition of men was given by Plato in ancient times. Men were then seen as bipeds without feathers. But someone brought him a chicken without feathers and Plato was forced to change his theory. He added that men also had big nails. Since then, the chicken was an essential piece in philosophical matters.

In the dark ages, chickens were being hunted without pity since it was believed that they were used in witchcraft. In these days, chickens are being killed in a more human way. They are used only for food and not for any weird kind of rituals.

So my final question is: WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD?

[Monica, Ele & Alina]


There once lived a beautiful cheerleader and she was having a relationship with the captain of the football team. They were taped while having dinner at her house. The tape was posted on YOU-TUBE and later on it was seen by aliens. The couple was abducted and they were told some things. The couple was brought back but they were scared for life. The captain quit the football team and was seen taking ballet lessons, and she was spotted in a sports pub drinking beer and armwrestling.


[Sabin, Eugen & Cosmin]


We are going to tell about an accident in Negruzzi high-school. A young student came with a cutter at school and was playing with it every day. He was believed to be a little mad. One day some really serios student asked for his cutter for a few minutes to cut a paper. When he reached his hand for it the mad colegue cut him by mistake, or so he said. The injured student ran to the bathroom and cleaned his wound and went to the school doctor. He was given first aid. The doctor didn’t give him much chances.


[Paul & Iulian]


Two days ago a dead bug has been found on the bumper of Paul’s bicycle. As nobody thought Paul capable of doing such a thing, I was given the responsibility of tracing the circumstances of the murder. The results of the case were found to be more peculiar than it might be thought. First of all, from questioning Paul I found out his bicycle hasn’t been rented since the big trip to the lakes which was a couple of years ago. Second, from the looks of the bug, it couldn’t have been sticking to his bumper for more than two days ( considering it hasn’t been raining around in this period). After a while though I was told that in the bug world of Bucium Forest there has been a big drama lately which led to a big number of suicides in the city.


[Camelia, Cristi & Daniel]


Next day, the crime scene was inspected once again and new clues were found. A bill for the casino was discovered in his wallet. All the employers of the casino were questioned by the police. The girl has been recognized by them as a usual client. Baines and the girl have been seen talikng an playing on the tapes that were taken from the security department of the casino. On the tapes she lost a great amount of money gambling. The next day she was arrested.


[Claudiu, Isabela & Stefanel]


It has been raining for a week now. The clouds have become a permanent fixture in the sky. I asked my parents what was going on, but none of my questions have been answered. The only thing they said was that everything will be better. The clouds were expected to go away, but nothing happend. The river had overflowed and it covered the streets. Our car had been covered by water and transportation stopped.


[Alexandra, Monica & Sasha]

AlpiProject Files

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To be or not to be a … HACKER

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Dexter’s Laboratory
Distributia: Monica (povestitorul), Anisia (Dexter), Scuffy (DeeDee), Cleo (Mandark)

Christmas Story
Distributie: Monica (povestitorul), Eugen (Billy), Cosmin (Santa), Stefan (Grandpa), Radu (bancomatul)

8 year-old Hacker
Distributia: Silviu (Mr Onallthis, directorul bancii), Daniel (copilul), Stefan (politistul), Isabela (pensionara fara bani de inmormantare), Alina (mama panicata)

We MAY repair your computer!
Distributia: Andrei (handy-man), Evelina, Adriana (virusi), Luciana (proprietara calculatorului), Alexandra (calculatorul stricat)

Distributia: Paul, Camelia (administratorul de sistem al facultatii), Alina( o fetita de 10 ani, viitor hacker), Cristi (hacker inrait)

The Doctor’s Office
Distributie: Camelia (femeia de servici), Stefanel (doctorul), Peca (nebunul), Claudiu (pacientul sanatos)

The Queue

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Am devenit si actori.. la ora de engleza ;;)
Urmariti piesa “The Queue” in 3 interpretari diferite. Enjoy!

Grupa 1:

Grupa 2:

Grupa 3:


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Multumiri speciale colegelor noastre Alexandra, Andrada, Elena si Monica.